"Remember the little things in life....for one day you may look back and realise they were the BIG things"

 A very warm welcome to all visitors.

Memories. Nostalgia. Childhood. Schooldays. All words that instil deep emotion (of some sort) in just about EVERY person. I appreciate that not everyone enjoyed happy early years but I was fortunate to do so --- therefore this is a happy site, full of wonderful memories of a loving home, a caring school and a natural and joyful transition from boy to young man during what I always call "The Special Years".

But this website does not concentrate in any depth on the details of my own life. Rather, it tries to observe the things that went on around me during those years. For those years were, in my opinion, a very rare time in history, with changes in all areas of life such as we may never have seen before in such a short period of time.

As a boy in the 1950s, I saw post-war Britain and a way of life that was very much the same as it had been for much of the 20th Century. As a teenager throughout the 1960s, I witnessed a 'revolution' that was unique in history: it involved virtually every aspect of life: culture, fashion, design, music, cinema, consumerism, architecture, opportunity, philosophy, and just about every other component of Society that I can think of (including a new empowered generation). The 60s were the most exciting time to live in (and especially grow up in) that the world has ever seen.

I am particularly interested in the music, cinema and TV of that decade, so this site will cover these aspects in some detail. But there is so much more that will be covered in a decade that ranged from England winning the Football World Cup to the United States of America landing men on the Moon. The 1960s can be summed up by the simple word: "excitement". It took your breath away.

The 1970s, when I was a young man, give us a preliminary look at some of the things that the 'revolution' of the previous decade was to leave as it's legacy.

I hope this humble little amateur website will bring back blissful nostalgia of unique times for all visitors who are now in the 60s and 70s age-group. And I hope it will also give other generations a personal insight into a time which they would have undoubtedly found fascinating.

Most of all, I hope that it will be fun to read and view this small website. Thanks for being here and please enjoy the next few pages as we go back in time. Feedback about the site would be most welcome: comments and suggestions for improvements, enquiries of any sort, your personal memories of the time, requests for long-lost music of the period (I can usually find most popular music from my massive collection --- to send freely to anyone as an email attachment or by post for larger 'orders'). So please contact me about any aspect arising from your viewing of the website by email to  memoriesadmin1@gmail.com . I look forward to hearing from viewers and I will try to answer all mails.

Have fun browsing the site and I think you'll see why it's called "memories never die" and why nostalgia is always with us.

Very Best Wishes to All.
































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