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It is always difficult to list personal favourites or choices for any kind of list. For me it is especially difficult in the case of music.......because I have too many songs in my head and my heart; and the choice of "favourite" changes from day to day : I think it's the same for everyone. A list of "favourites" would be different on every day of the year !
An added difficulty on MND is that webspace only allows a limited number of songs to be added to this page.
I need space for hundreds  : and I only have space for 30 or so !
But, as with every other page I've tackled on this MND Site, I merely begin.......and see where it leads me.
I cannot attempt to place any of the music on this page in any kind of order of preference but my first thought is that one group earn the right to have top billing on the MND jukebox :

As with many songs and artists on this page, I will try to include lesser-known songs, rather than the classics we all know and love ---------even folk who were not around in the 1960s. But The Beatles are unique in that every song they ever recorded is known to all of us who were teenagers in the 60s ! So the following are well-known and happen to be among my top 10 Beatles' faves every time I think of them. The video at the top of this page reminds me of the career and lives of four nice, ordinary (but talented) young blokes who made one of the greatest impacts on society from any era : amazing to think back on really ; and it sums up so much about so many things for all of us perhaps.......
And these audio songs : I just like them :




Everyone who knows me also knows that my personal favourite singer, far above The Beatles and all the other great talents of the 1950s/60s/70s, is :









Before moving on from The Big O, I can't resist letting you hear my own tribute song to Roy.

Yes, it's composed by yours truly ( so I apologise in advance:).

But I do NOT have to apologise for the talent of the arranger and vocalist , my very good friend Jeff from Florida. He is a professional musician but is too modest to know how talented he is. He taped this song while playing his guitar in his kitchen ( just think what he can do in a studio !!). BTW, he is also the most knowledgeable and interesting person with whom I have ever discussed music. Thx so much my friend (and I hope you don't mind me playing this on the internet without asking was meant as a surprise !).



I was also a big fan of The Walker Brothers, who during their 2 years together, almost rivalled the Beatles in popularity; had two number 1 hits and several other chart entries ; and left us with what I think are 3 of the very best albums of the mid-60s. The voice of Scott Walker , though very different to that of Roy Orbison, was astounding : he had a very successful solo career for the rest of the 60s.




These 3 audios-and the  video ( the lovely Dylan song : "Love Minus Zero" ) date back to 1966 :







The Walker Brothers ( not real brothers at all ) enjoyed a brief reunion and top 10 hit ( "No Regrets"...and album of the same name) 10 years later in 1976 ( picture and video below is from that later time)



I will eventually place some 1950s songs on the site below ( but I'll wait and see if anyone will send me suggestions at memoriesadmin1@gmail).

In the 70s I was a fan of Abba ( like everyone else in the world !) But my favourites were the  groups who seemed to have fun whilst having talent and making good commercial music ( such as Mud----I can't believe that cheeky chappy, Les Gray, is no longer with us;  and Smokie ------I follow Chris Norman , who is excellent, to this day as he continues to be a superstar in Germany and other European countries). I will be showing more of the 70's : but, in the meantime, let's take a look at the 2 FUN groups which I just mentioned : 







I'll also be telling you about my  fondness for the  female singers of the time : from the greatest of them all ---Dusty; to a particular liking I had for foreign female singers: Francoise Hardy, Rita Pavone, Gigliola Cinquetti, Pussycat.........and Vicky Leandros, who is still as lovely and angel-voiced as she was over 30 years ago. Do I hear anyone saying "Vicky who ?" ? Well say hello to a Greek lady singing in French on the Isle of Santorini.





More videos and audio performances of my "fave ladies"will be placed here in due course.



For the moment though, I leave you with a few of the thousands of songs that I love ( and I'll change them every month or two).................... 

I start with one of the most poignant videos I have ever seen : those viewers who know the full story might agree with me :































Another video of the greatest guitarist in the world (IMHO:), whom you have just seen with Jones The Voice ----with one of my favourite instrumental renditions:






But, then again, I have instrumental favourites in very different style.......just as beautiful; here are two : one in video from the 60s and then one in audio from the 70s :


















And now I'd better show one of my favourite clips of the second best guitarist ever:))

































































































I promised somewhere on this Site that I'd show a video of the ladies who sum up Top Of The Pops. Here they are ( my favourite is Babs..........anyone disagree ????)
Seeing Donny Osmond ( above ), reminds me to add a couple of songs for a special friend, Kelvin who is the best craftsman in Eastern England. Thx! 








This page will only be changed with  more videos, more audios
if I get enough viewers and enough requests for viewers' favourite songs get writing to  . Seeeyaaa soon :)




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